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Joel Anthony

Joel Anthony - Centre San Antonio Spurs

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This is a friendship website designed mainly to share with hosts of family and friends of the Antigua and Barbuda Community as well as the wider community, the topics and events that have always been of interest to me.

Over the years, as family and friends, we have widened our circle of communication through reunions and internet visits. There is always so much joy connecting with our family members all over the globe as well as our compatriots and friends. We have not always had enough time to talk with or visit each other. One thing has been clear, we have always been excited to hear what each other is doing. You have often asked to stay in touch but that has not always happened.

You can now join my info share website that allows you to see the events that pre-occupy me and keep my life full. I have been just so fulfilled to see the achievements of those Antiguans I have come to know and those who have made education success their life’s endeavour. The same applies to those whose lives I have touched in a positive way during my many decades as an educator.

The twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda are dear to me and our links through our Association and our travels have also helped us to stay in touch. There is such a feeling of belonging when we have managed to meet and share our stories. This is an opportunity to use this medium to promote the place I still call home.  will help you stay in touch and help you share my info with your hosts of friends and family at home and abroad. Though all the items in the Menu are of interest to me, foremost in my life’s routine will be my perpetual interest or involvement in church, education, health, sports, music and travel. The links are of interest to me and hopefully, will be of interest to you, my family and friends, as well as those of the wider community.

This medium will also allow me to share with you some commentary on your basketball interest on NBA player Joel Anthony.

Visit articles, special profiles, videos and photo gallery.

Enjoy!  Pleasant surfing.

Antigua & Barbuda Emergency
Relief and Recovery
An Urgent Appeal to Help Barbuda

February 28, 2017


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Erene Anthony’s contribution to Black History Month Erene Anthony is more than just the mother to NBA player Joel Anthony but an important member of a community celebrating Black History Month, serving Montreal for over five decades as teacher, volunteer and outstanding citizen

2017 Black History Month Laureates


Erene Anthony

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Viola Desmond

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Oliver Jones honoured by National Assembly 

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Erene Anthony:  Mathieu Da Costa Award
Ligues des Noires
October 4, 2014

QPARSE-APPERQ Spotlight on
Member Erene Anthony
Volunteer par excellence

CJAD 800 and the Montreal Community Cares Foundation name Erene Anthony a CJAD Hero




Antiguan Daughter living on Canadian soil now a Centenarian

Hilda Druscilla Watkins was born in Freemans Village, Antigua, on  March 24,1914. Her parents were the late Thomas "Tommy" Watkins and the late Tryphena Hephzeba "Hep" Creighton, both of Freemans Village. Though Thomas had other children, Hilda was his first and is the only one alive today. She was the only child her Mother...
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