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Joel Anthony

Joel Anthony - Centre San Antonio Spurs

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Color Blind or Color Brave?
Investment firm president Mellody Hobson
Being Mistaken For Kitchen Help Just Made This Exec More Outspoken
The Huffington Post



Camille Alleyne
Trinidadian Born NASA Rocket Scientist

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Bethel Ayele
Montreal, Canada

Architect Bethel Teferra completed a Bachelor of Engineering with a major in Structural Engineering at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, while following the demanding course sequence of Co-operative Education (work-study program) from which she graduated with Distinction. She says: “My academic achievements are courtesy of my community in Montreal that invested in my potential, through various scholarships and fellowships.”

As a member of the Co-operative program at Concordia University, Ms. Teferra has successfully completed an internship working for NCK-Engineering Inc., headquartered in Montreal, Canada. At NCK she got the opportunity to work closely with the Technical Directors and Senior Engineers on various residential and commercial high-rise buildings.

Ms. Teferra currently works for WSP- Middle East in Dubai, UAE. She is working with a dynamic team of experts led by Associate Director Andy Veall, and alongside supporting specialists across the region. She says: “I feel privileged to be working with prominent structural engineers on iconic projects such as; Dubai Mall Expansion - world’s largest shopping and entertainment destination.”

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Dr. Patricia Bath

Doctor Patricia Bath, an ophthalmologist from New York, was living in Los Angeles when she received her first patent, becoming the first African American female doctor to patent a medical invention. Patricia Bath's patent (#4,744,360) was for a method for removing cataract lenses that transformed eye surgery by using a laser device making the procedure more accurate.

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Vincent Brown
Charles Warren Professor of History and Professor of African and African American Studies
Harvard University

Vincent Brown, Charles Warren Professor of History and Professor of African and African American Studies, is a multi-media historian with a keen interest in the political implications of cultural practice. He directs the History Design Studio and teaches courses in Atlantic history, African diaspora studies, and the history of slavery. Brown is the author of The Reaper's Garden: Death and Power in the World of Atlantic Slavery (Harvard University Press, 2008) and producer of an audiovisual documentary about the anthropologist Melville J. Herskovits broadcast on the PBS series Independent Lens. He is currently writing a book about African diasporic warfare in the Americas.

Curriculum Vitae



Dr. Joy DeGruy

Dr. Joy DeGruy is a nationally and internationally renowned researcher, educator, author and presenter. She is an ambassador for healing and a voice for those who’ve struggled in search of the past, and continue to struggle through the present. Dr. Joy is the acclaimed author of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome — America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: The Study Guide , with a second book in the works , Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Part 2: Be The Healing.

Dr. DeGruy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications; two master degrees in Social Work and Clinical Psychology; and a PhD in Social Work Research. With over twenty years of practical experience as a professional in the field of social work, she gives a practical insight into various cultural and ethnic groups that form the basis of contemporary American society. 

THE DR. JOY EXPERIENCE Through lectures, workshops, seminars and special guest appearances, Dr. Joy has shined a light on the critical issues affecting society. Those who have experienced Dr. Joy in person, can tell you that they have been “stimulated, enlightened and inspired.” Dr. Joy’s seminars have been lauded as the most dynamic and inspirational currently being presented on the topics of culture, race relations and contemporary social issues. Topics include:

  • Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome - Effects of Slavery and Institutionalized Racism
  • Diversity Training
  • Healing Workshops
  • Culture Specific Models
  • Community Building
  • Violence and Gang Prevention

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Dr. Linnell Edwards, Ph.D., P.Ag
Research Scientist
Sc.(Agr) (University of London, England); M.Sc. and Ph.D. (Agronomy) (McGill University)

  • Second consecutive 3-yr nomination by the PEI Lieutenant Governor in Council to the Board of Governors of  the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI).

  • Named to represent the Board on the UPEI Senate.

  • Named to the Board’s Human Resources Committee, and to its Appeals Committee.

  • Appointed as adjunct professor (supervisory) in the Graduate Faculty and the Dept. of Biosystems Engineering for 17 consecutive years.

  • Three-time recipient of NSERC grants.

  • One-year guest lecturer at Trier University, Germany.

  • Numerous scientific publications, invited book chapters and invited review papers on the subjects of (a) alternate freezing-and-thawing in agricultural soils, and (b) the process and mitigation of soil erosion on agricultural lands.

  • Twenty-five years as a leader in the promotion of (a) Employment Equity in the    workplace and (b) Values of Diversity in local and pan-Canadian communities.


Colin Hill
CEO and co-founder of GNS Healthcare, a healthcare Big Data analytics company

“Value to the Enterprise” by Qualcom Life (View video on Youtube)



Bonilyn Hill Mohamed

Registered Psychotherapist, Trauma Therapy Program, Women’s Mental Health

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Joanne C. Hillhouse

Antiguan and Barbudan author of The Boy from Willow Bend, Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, Fish Outta Water, and Oh Gad! and founder/coordinator of the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize

Poets & Writers




Philip S. S. Howard
McGill University, Department of Integrated Studies in Education
York Centre for Education and Community, York University

My research examines the ways that racialized social structures and ideologies organize the ways that we, as social actors, come to know ourselves, create community, and exercise agency in contemporary neo-liberal contexts. This work explores the points of convergence and disjuncture between the ways that liberal democratic discourses and critical discourses imagine race and racial justice, and investigates how these contested knowledges play out in civil society. I am particularly interested in the contradictions that arise within social justice projects in liberal democracies, and in the ways that the marginalized resist and exercise agency in the face of these contradictions. My current research projects include:

  1. a SSHRC-funded study of blackface incidents on Canadian university campuses. This study explores the meaning and impact of these contemporary blackface acts within the settler-colonial context of Canada, and how they are resisted within the climate of post-racialist discourse which claims the diminishing significance of race.
  2. a study of the Africentric Alternative School of the Toronto District School Board. This study, funded by the TDSB and the York Centre for Education and Community, investigates the agency of this school community as it advocates for the equitable education of black youth.

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Gwen Lord
2020 Recipient of the Special QPARSE Service Award

Congratulations to Gwen Lord, this year's recipient of QPARSE's "Distinguished Service Award"!

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Sir George Williams College in 1956, Gwen began her 34 year career in education after having completed her Class I Teaching Certificate at MacDonald College in 1960. The first Black teacher to be hired by the PSBGM, she taught Science at Northmount High School. A loan of service to the Department of National Defense in Hemer, Germany, as a Science teacher, followed in 1966 to 1968.

Upon returning to Montreal, Gwen taught at Westhill High School for two years. She then became the Liaison Officer between the PSBGM, now EMSB, and the Black Community of Montreal...a perfect fit given the racial issues of the time. Administrative positions soon followed with a one-year position as Vice-Principal at Willington School and then at Northmount High School from 1975 to 1983. Scott Conrod, the outgoing principal, recounted that he went to see Marcel Fox, to say that Gwen "was the only person to replace him". A problem solver, she was able to put out "fires" even before they began. Respected by all students, she was not afraid to step into a fight between two students and calm the waters. It was not uncommon to see Gwen in the halls, talking to students and supporting them. Well organized and of strong opinion, she was also supportive of her teachers, the latter appreciating her no nonsense approach which was always student success driven. Gwen was also active in the community, having served as president of the Black Community Resource Centre and with numerous other groups. Named Regional Director, PSBGM, for Region III in 1987 until her retirement in 1995, she continued to champion the cause of "grey-area" youth, many students from low-income neighborhoods. Students who were sometime neglected in the school system.

A pioneer of Montreal's Black Community, Gwen was a role model and a trail blazer in the education field. She was among a small group who moved into restricted job areas and pushed open many doors, serving as an inspiration to a generation of Black Montrealers. Not bad for, in her own words, "A small black girl from lower Westmount (who) was able to achieve her goals..." She credits her own teachers who saw her and believed in her. Clearly, many others along her journey did as well. Now in her early 80s, Gwen lists her occupation on Facebook as "happily retired"!  



Dr. Althea Prince
University Professor / Writer, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON

An  award-winning author who was born in Antigua and has resided in Canada, the US, and England.

Who's Who - Creating a new Narrative for Black Canada




Yvonne Sam

Get her recent publication of a book of Poems “Life’s Many Faces - Fun on the Run”. Yvonne is known for her thought provoking and sometimes controversial articles in the local Montreal Community newspaper. Her poems have been published in Dusting Off Dreams 1X by Quill Books of Harlingen, Texas as well as the National Library of Poetry -- River Of Dreams 1994




Stephen Stafford

Meet Stephen Stafford; 13 Year Old dominates College (Video)






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